Adversity Weapon Pack released

2015-02-22 15:39:32 by xWILKINx

I just uploaded the Adversity Weapon Pack to Newgrounds. Check it out an leave me some feedback!

- Justin


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2015-02-22 20:53:05

Bro i loved all of the weapons from Adversity Weapon Pack, i wish if you could make a game with those weapons , an amazing history and some rpg style , maybe on 2D and with all of those customizable, should be a man or a girl on another planet with his/her broken spaceship or him/her in a zombie apocalypse with a lot of survivors or a pandemy that consumes the entire world.
Make it whatever you want , but that contains all the style of Adversity Weapon Pack, by the way I loved again your job in this piece of art :3