Check out the weapons in Adversity!

2013-11-11 09:32:52 by xWILKINx

I just uploaded the current weaponry for my upcoming game Adversity on the Facebook page. Check it out and let me know if you have any other weapon ideas!

- Justin


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2013-12-06 10:34:04

Well, what's about SCAR-H, or SCAR-L? SPAS-12? MP7A1? Para Ordnance P14-45?


2013-12-20 08:48:34

Keep it up! And add some camo to the game, lets hope it is like or better than DS2!

(Updated ) xWILKINx responds:

Thanks! It will definitely be much more improved!


2014-08-29 10:02:52

Well... You didn't do a post in long time, that's kind of sad because no one knows what happened for almost one year... Anyways, I'm having idea of Riot Shields, Night Visions and eventually some indoor action, like breach and clear, hostage rescue, I hope you get the idea.

xWILKINx responds:

Check out my Facebook page, I update more frequently there. Most of those features you mentioned are already included! Just remember I'm balancing a full-time job, school, and Flash games at the same time. :-)