Entry #21

Dinogen and Dinogen 2!

2018-01-10 19:29:46 by xWILKINx

Hey guys, check out Dinogen if you haven't already!

I've started development on Dinogen 2. I'd love to hear any suggestions or ideas you may have. Dinogen 2 will feature a bunch of games modes (team deathmatch, deathmatch, survival, and others) as well as a more open world story mode.

You can contact me on the Facebook page or here on Newgrounds!


- Justin


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2018-01-14 16:07:26

Ayyy I will love to see Dinogen II

xWILKINx responds:

Thanks! :-)


2018-01-24 20:50:17

When will Dinogen II release date.

Show trailer!