xWILKINx's News

Standalone level editor for future game

2017-06-26 21:37:51 by xWILKINx

A standalone level editor for the future game is being developed! It is near completion which allows faster overall development for the game.

It may also be released alongside the game to allow players to build and share their own levels.

Just a quick update!

- Justin

YouTube channel and game update

2017-05-09 10:53:49 by xWILKINx

Check out the official YouTube channel here! I'll be posting all original game soundtracks and other game content there. 

Game update: Expect a game release in the next few weeks... :-)

Sorry for the lack of news lately (well, 2 years)... I've been busy with work and other things. I appreciate all the support and messages you guys send me. Remember to check out my Facebook page here!

Take care!

- Justin

Graduated college this month! This leaves me with a lot more spare time until I find my next job.

That being said, I've started working pretty intensely on Deadswitch 3. I can't reveal too much info yet, but it's going to feature a new gameplay style; much more "open-world".

Also, if you haven't already, check out my Adversity Weapon Pack here on Newgrounds. Remember that everything in that pack is available for free download (Flash source and images). And why not check out the original Deadswitch or Deadswitch 2? :-)

Take care!

- Justin

Hey guys, remember that all of the content within the Adversity Weapon Pack here on Newgrounds is available for free download. The pack comes with the Flash source (.fla and .swf files) along with each item in a transparent .png file. 

Just a reminder that the game is just a showcase. :-)

You can find the download link here: http://www.xwilkinx.com/adversity-weapon-pack

- Justin

Adversity Weapon Pack released

2015-02-22 15:39:32 by xWILKINx

I just uploaded the Adversity Weapon Pack to Newgrounds. Check it out an leave me some feedback!

- Justin

Flash weapon pack coming soon

2015-02-17 16:03:39 by xWILKINx

Hey guys, as you probably know my latest Flash game Adversity is on hold primarily due to my involvement in a new full PC game. More details on that in a few weeks or so!

However, I plan on releasing a free Flash weapon pack containing all of the weapons/equipment that are featured in Adversity along with attachments and animations (firing, reloads, etc.). I will also probably include separate image files for each of these for those of you who don't have Flash.

- Justin

New full PC game under development

2015-01-13 20:35:39 by xWILKINx

So as you may know, Adversity has been put on hold. However, I am part of a small team developing a full PC game using the latest Unreal Engine 4. We've been working really hard the past few weeks. If you work with 3D modeling, texturing, and/or animation, send me a message here or on my Facebook page! We're looking for new team members and fresh ideas. Thanks for the support!

- Justin

I just uploaded the current weaponry for my upcoming game Adversity on the Facebook page. Check it out and let me know if you have any other weapon ideas!

- Justin

Deadswitch II v1.2 released

2013-03-18 16:40:32 by xWILKINx

I just uploaded Deadswitch II v1.2 to Newgrounds. A few issues were resolved:

> Faster level ups
> Higher wave completion reward rate (Defender + Survival game modes)
> Ammo crates have 3 uses (instead of just one)
> Ammo crates restock weapon magazines (not just ammo)
> Increased ammo crate price (from ¢75 to ¢100)
> Ability to restock teammate's ammo through Reinforcements Menu
> Double XP for wave completion in Chaos Survival
> Higher kill-combo XP reward (double-kill, triple-kill, etc.)

Check it out!

- Justin

Deadswitch II v1.1 released

2013-03-18 01:27:41 by xWILKINx

I just uploaded Deadswitch II v1.1 to Newgrounds. A few issues were resolved:

> Game optimization
> Faster level ups
> Higher credit reward rate (easier to purchase reinforcements, etc.)
> Cheaper barrier repair price (from ¢250 to ¢125)
> Cheaper Deadswitch price (from ¢500 to ¢250)
> Access to Reinforcements Menu in all game modes
> Double XP for kills in Team Deathmatch
> Unplaced sentry guns and claymores do not disappear

Check it out!

- Justin